My Driving License expired on me reaching 50 years of age. So, I needed to renew it. I got it done without any hassles and without any middleman being involved. The new license was issued to me in less than 1 month of applying for the same. My total spend was less than Rs. 700 including Diesel charges for going and coming from the RTO and snacks that I had during this process.

Well, it would be no big deal. However, soon after I got my new Driving License, I found out that my sister-in-law also needed to do the same. When she went to the Road Transport Office (RTO) for the same, one agent asked her to pay Rs. 4,000 to get the job done. I soon found out that there were 2 more people in my friend circle who were facing similar challenge.

So, I gave them the procedure and they are using the same now. So, I thought it is likely that there are many people who would be unaware of this new process and thus I detail it out here.

The website has been created for any Driving License issues and any Vehicle Registration issues. On opening this website, it looks like this.

Parivahan Web Site
Parivahan Web Site

Select Online Services on this page and then select Driving License Related. You will see the following on your screen.

Screen to select State
Screen to select State

Select your State on this page. I selected Karnataka as I was applying in Bengaluru (Bangalore). The following screen appears where one can find all the options available for Driving License Services.

Screen with options available for Driving License Services
Screen with options available for Driving License Services

i selected the option for Apply Online

Options Expanded
Options Expanded

The following screen appears. I selected the option Services for Driving License.

Click on Continue to proceed.

Enter you Driving License Number and Date of Birth and click Go.
The Driving License Details should appear. Fill the missing information and click Proceed.
The details of the existing Driving License should appear. Click Proceed if they are okay.
Select the service required. For Driving License Renewal, select “Renewal of DL“. Ignore the selection of International Driving License that I had selected previously. This is not required while applying for Renewal of Driving License.
Enter the address correctly. In case of change of address from the existing Driving License, this is the place to do it. Click Update when done. Enter the Captcha and click Submit.
At this stage the application would be created. Take a print of the application before proceeding. Then, click Next.
This screen allows for checking the details. Click Ok when done to proceed.
You will need to upload your documents. The document list required appears in the drop down list. All the documents in the drop down list are mandatory.

One of the important aspect here is that one would need a Medical Certificate. When you print the application form, the format in which the Medical Certificate has to be taken is also printed along with the application. The Medical Certificate is required in Form 1-A. In case, you do not get the pre-printed format of the Medical Certificate, it can be downloaded for the following link –

The next page asks for uploading the Photograph and the Signature.
Once the documents have been uploaded as required, the next step is to make the payment.
The payments details page.
Payments can be made using NetBanking, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Normally, the payments should go through. However, in my case, the payment failed. This caused a problem that I was unable to retry or proceed. The only alternative for me was to go the RTO. I went to the RTO on 14-Feb-2019.

In the Yeswantpur RTO in Bangalore, on the first floor, there is a counter, where the applications can be modified. I went there and he cancelled my existing application and made a fresh application. I had to give him my Medical Certificate, Aadhar Card and existing Driving License.

Then he took a print of my application and placed all the papers in a folder. He asked me to write my address on an envelop which I did. He placed my existing Driving License in a plastic cover. All these he pinned it to te Envelop.

He asked for Rs. 80 for these services.

Then I went to the 2nd floor. There is a counter for paying the fees here.

I paid a fees of Rs. 420 for the DL Renewal Services.

However, the Lady in the Counter gave me a receipt for Rs. 360. Though I was confused, I did not question this.

I attached the Receipt to the other papers in the folder. Then, I was told to go for submitting the application. This is one the second floor itself. Here, at the gate, the security person checked the folder and stamped it.

Then I was told to go for taking my photograph. I went to the counter number 1. Here, using a Webcam, they took my photograph. Then, on a trackpad, they asked me to put my signature. I did so.

Once this was done, I went to the Supervisor in Counter number 7. The Supervisor checked all the documents in physical format and also in the Computer. Then, she signed my application and put a reference number.

The Supervisor then asked me to go to Counter Number 9. I went there and submitted my application. The lady there gave me a Receipt and told me that I could use that to drive for the period it took for the new Driving License to arrive.

Receipt which served as the Temporary License

My new Driving License arrived by Speed Post on 08-Mar-2019.

Am basically a programmer. Have proved to myself and quite a few people over the 24+ years that I am capable of programming on most platforms using quite a few tools for most problems. However, to be viable for earning a living, have learnt a few tricks and techniques of management. Whatever management techniques I have learnt, I try and convert to simple logic flows to keep my decision process simple and transparent. While managing, have been successful in programming a few individuals and teams to meet required objectives. Though I am not creative, I have enormous potential to innovate and extend creative ideas generated and shared by others.

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