Food Stalls outside Bangalore Airport

Bengaluru (or Bangalore) Airport has many food stalls outside the Airport. I found that most Airports have food stalls inside the Airport. In a few Airports, I have found food stalls outside the Airport. However, the array of choices that I find outside Bangalore Airport, I have not found in any other Airport.

Here are the stalls, you will find.

Kaati Zone
Kaati Zone: You will get Rolls (Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian). You also get Tea/Coffee and Cold Drinks.
Hatti Kaapi
Hatti Kaapi: This is a Coffee Shop. You also get some small eats in this stall. A normal Coffee is about Rs. 50-70.
Chai Point
Chai Point: This is a Tea Stall. You also get small eats like Samosas, etc. You get a variety of Tea here. A Regular Tea costs Rs. 60.
Subway: This is a regular Subway stall. The prices are as you would find in any other Subway stall in India.
Maiyas: You can get South Indian Food here like Idli, Dosa, Vada, etc.
Relay: This is a Chocolate Shop.
Fresh Menu
Fresh Menu: This shop serves Continental Food. It boasts of serving dishes from many countries. There is a large area with sitting space here.
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme: This shop sells Doughnuts.



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