Samutprakan Crocodile Farm is about 25 KM from the Bangkok World Trade Center. I took Riya there after having got my Thailand Driving License. I rented a self-drive car from Budget. We drove from our home in Inthamara Soi 4 (Inthamara Soi Si in Thai Language – Soi means Lane or Side Road).

Crocodile Farm Route Map

Samutprakan Crocodile Farm is the largest Crocodile Farm in the World. Also, it hosts the World’s Largest Crocodile named Yai.

Lots and Lots of Crocodiles

There are lots of Crocodiles here. The far has built bridges on which one can walk to see the Crocodiles below. From these bridges, one can drop meat (sold by the farm) for the Crocodiles to eat. It is a deadly sight when one drops meat as all the Crocodiles pounce on it to take a grab.


Crocodile Shows

The Farm organises Crocodile Shows as per Time Table. We needed to book tickets for the same. There is a stadium where we were seated. In the middle, the show is organised.

During the show, the performers just play with the Crocodiles. They lift them up. They put currency in the Crocodiles mouth and then the performer puts his head in the Crocodile’s mouth and pull the currency out.

The show is just spectacular. Each show lasts for about 2 hours.

Crocodile Farm ShowCrocodile Farm ShowCrocodile Farm ShowCrocodile Farm ShowCrocodile Farm ShowPutting head in Crocodile's mouthPutting head in Crocodile's mouthCrocodile Farm Show

Elephant Show

There are also lots of Elephants in the Farm. We could interact with the Elephants. The Elephants also demonstrate skills like painting, etc.

Award Winning Tourist Center

The Farm proudly display the award for the best Tourism Center.

Crocodile Farm Award

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