Si Ayuthaya

Just about 80 KM from Bangkok is the ruins of Si Ayuthaya. I learnt that the early Kings of Thailand believed in the story of Ramayana. In Ramayana, the capital of Lord Ram is Ayodhya in India. In Thailand, it is called Ayuthaya. The first King of Thailand from the current dynasty called himself King Rama I. When we were in Thailand between 1996 to 1999, King Bhumibhol was King Rama X.

Si Ayuthaya has ruins from the past. However, it is still beautiful. It has a lot of statues of Buddha.

Must visit place for Buddhists

SiAyuthaya 8SiAyuthaya 7SiAyuthaya

The Temples

SiAyuthaya 1SiAyuthaya 2SiAyuthaya 3SiAyuthaya 4SiAyuthaya 5SiAyuthaya 6



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