Phuket from the Sky 2


We spent 5 days in Phuket. On completing our project for developing Customer Care and Billing system for Total Access Communication (TAC), Khun Worawat sponsored our trip to Phuket. Riya, Deepshree, I were joined by Sarit Seal and Amitava Khanra on this trip. Sarit, Amitava and I were the only ones from our team of 30 members that remained in Thailand after we completed the development of the project.

We went to Phuket from Bangkok by Thai Airways. When we were arriving at Phuket, we could see the beautiful Phuket Island from the sky.

Phuket from the Sky

Phuket from the Sky 1Phuket from the Sky 2

Phuket Airport

I took us about 1 hour flying time to reach Phuket airport from Bangkok airport. Phuket Airport is right next to the sea.

Phuket Airport 1Phuket Airport 2

Hotel Holiday Inn

We checked into Hotel Holiday Inn. The hotel was beautiful with lots of space and lots of amenities.

Hotel Holiday InnRiya in Hotel Holiday InnElephant in Hotel Holiday InnHotel Holiday Inn 2

Around Phuket Island

We reached Phuket at around 10 AM. And we were in our hotel by around 11:30 AM. We rested for a while and then went around the Phuket Island. We took 2 scooters on rent (which is readily available). As Deepshree was expecting Ranoo at that time, we did not take her along on the scooter.

The scenery around the Island is beautiful. It is full of greenery. And there are lots of beaches on the Island itself.

Evening at Phuket

By the time, we had roamed around Phuket, it was evening. The site was breathtaking.

Sunset at PhuketSunset at Phuket 2



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