Viking Island

We went to Viking Island during our visit to Phuket. Deepshree was expecting the arrival of Ranoo at that time. Apart from Riya, Deepshree and I, we had Sarit Seal and Amitava Khanra for company during this trip.

We worked on a project to develop Customer Care and Billing System for Total Access Communications (TAC – now dTAC). The product took 2 years to develop with our team and the team from TAC. Apart from that we had people from Australia, Malaysia and South Korea work on the project. For our company, the project started with myself being the only representative. From there the team grew to 30 members from our company. After the product was developed and it went live, only Sarit, Amitava and I stayed back for about 1 year till the product settled down. After the completion of the project, the Vice President, Khun Worawat, sponsored our trip to Phuket.

We stayed in Holiday Inn in Phuket. The day we reached Phuket, we booked ourselves to go to Phi-Phi Island by Speed Boat. So, the next day, we were on the boat on our way to Phi-Phi Island. After about 1 hour in the sea, the boat stopped at Viking Island.

Sarit Seal and Amitava Khanra
Sarit Seal and Amitava Khanra. Sarit in the white T-shirt and Amitava in the blue checked shirt.

Approaching Viking Island

When we were passing by the Viking Island, it looked beautiful and we hoped that we could go there. We were overjoyed when our boat took us to the Island.

On reaching Viking Island

On reaching the Island, we walked on a bridge made of wood to reach the Island.

Getting on to Viking IslandGetting on to Viking IslandGetting on to Viking Island

All along when we were walking on the bridge, the guide kept telling us that Vikings had come to the Island and spent time in the cave. The guide told us that the Vikings had made a lot of pictures on the walls of the caves.

Inside the Cave

Soon, we were inside the Cave, it was very dark. It was a bit silhouette. However, we enjoyed it.

From inside Viking IslandInside Viking Island

When we were coming out, the guide told us that no evidence exists about Vikings having been to the Island. Anyway, we boarded the boat and went towards Phi-Phi Island.


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