Shanmuga Beach

On the first day of our visit to Trivandrum (now Tiruvananthapurum), we visited Shanmuga Beach. We checked into Vivanta by Taj, Kovalam at around 11 AM. Taj had provided to pick us up from the Airport for our flight from Bangalore to Trivandrum. After having lunch, we took a car from the hotel to first go to Puttina Malaga Palace. From there, we went to Shanmuga Beach.

Shanmuga Beach is very close to the Trivandrum Airport. In fact, one of the Airport walls is adjacent to the beach. There is a huge building right on the beach with all shops and facilities.


The beach has red sand. The sea is Arabian Sea. The water is slightly greenish. The sea is crystal clear.

We spend about 2 hours on the beach. It was very enjoyable.

There are some activities on the beach as well.


Deepshree was the one who enjoyed the most.



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