Kamat Lokaruchi

Every time we have to pass by Mysore or go to Mysore, we halt at Kamat Lokaruchi to have breakfast. Our usual routine is that we start from our house in Bangalore at around 6 AM. We take the flyover at KR Market and reach Kengeri. It normally takes about 1-1.5 hours to cross Kengeri as we have always found huge traffic jam at this spot. This is more so now because of the construction happening for the Metro. After we cross Kengeri, we normally drive briskly till Bidadi. After Bidadi, the road is usually empty and we can drive at around 100 KMPH.


After this schedule, we usually reach Kamat Lokaruchi at around 9:30 AM. We always stop here to have our breakfast. Earlier the hotel used to only serve South Indian vegetarian food. However, recently we found that they have added other kinds of food to their menu. However, they still only serve vegetarian food.

We stop here for the breakfast. Also, we stop here as this place has got neat and clean toilets where we can refresh ourselves before continuing our drive towards Mysore.

We have been to Mysore several times. Everytime some guests come to our home, we at least take them to Mysore. This is because we can start in the morning at 6 AM from Bangalore and go all around Mysore during the day and return to Bangalore by around 11 PM.

Also, we had to pass through Mysore when we went to Coorg and Ooty. One would need passing through Mysore from Bangalore to visit Bandipur Forest as well.

Here is one occasion we captured when Mamoo and Mamima visited us. Mamoo had come to show himself to the Narayana Hridayalaya as he was having some issues with his heart. When the doctors said he was fine, we took them to Mysore. And as per our routine, we stopped at Kamat Lokaruchi to have breakfast.

We usually join the buffet at Kamat Lokaruchi as they serve all different kinds of Karnataka food in the breakfast buffet. This usually includes special type of idly, akki roti, dosa, vada, sambhar, chutni, fruit juice, fruits, coffee and tea.

However, on this occasion, we were a little late and thus the buffet was closed. So, we had to have a-la-carte.

At this place they also have some shops where they sell nice handicrafts. This place has a huge car parking and usually it is quite full during the mornings we have been here.

Inside the Restaurant



Outside the Restaurant



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