Aziziah Beach, Al Khobar

On my way back from Bahrain, I visited Aziziah Beach. Al Khobar is the last city in Saudi Arabia before the bridge for Bahrain starts. The border between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is midway through the bridge. While coming back from Bahrain, after getting down from the bridge, we took a left turn and drove about 5 KM to reach Aziziah Beach.

The bridge is very well maintained. The sea is very clear.

There are lots of activities on the beach. I started with the horse ride.


As I was doing it after lots of years, I was exhausted. So, I relaxed on the beach.


Next I rode the Camel.

There is lots of activities for children as well.

I had coffee after sitting there for some time.


One can see some greenery here. After we leave this city towards Riyadh, we hit the desert.


After spending around 3 hours here, I headed back to Riyadh.



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