During our trip to Aurangabad, we first visited the Ajanta Caves. From Ajanta Caves, we drove to Ellora Caves. Ellora Caves is much closer to the Aurangabad Town and it is about 110 KM from Ajanta Caves. Ellora Caves was very crowded as many people had come for picnic at this site.

There are many caves here. However, we only visited the main cave (I think cave number 16). At the entrance, there are lots of shops. There is also a decent hotel here where we had lunch.

From Ellora, we went to “Bibi Ka Makbara“.

Am basically a programmer. Have proved to myself and quite a few people over the 24+ years that I am capable of programming on most platforms using quite a few tools for most problems. However, to be viable for earning a living, have learnt a few tricks and techniques of management. Whatever management techniques I have learnt, I try and convert to simple logic flows to keep my decision process simple and transparent. While managing, have been successful in programming a few individuals and teams to meet required objectives. Though I am not creative, I have enormous potential to innovate and extend creative ideas generated and shared by others.

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