We were on the 2nd day of our trip to Ooty. We had our breakfast at Taj Savoy and started for Coonoor at around 9:30 AM. The road from Ooty to Coonoor is very congested. However, even though it was raining, it took us about 1 hour from Coonoor from Ooty. Our driver and guide showed us the Taj property in Coonoor on the way to the hills.

The day was very dull. There was a thick layer of mist and visibility was very poor. When we reached the driveway to the hills, it started raining. This made driving even more difficult. The road in the Coonoor hills is very narrow and has steep gorges on one side.

Driving carefully, we reached the part of the hills where they were full of tea gardens.


We stopped here and took a lot of photographs.

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Driving further up, we reached the Dolphin’s Nose. This is on the tip of the hill and it looks like the nose of a Dolphin. There is a water fall at a slight distance.


We took a lot of photographs here.

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As we were descending from the hill, we spotted a nice Tea Shop. We stopped to have tea. This tea shop was run by the owner of the adjoining tea gardens.



After having tea, we descended down the hill. Our guide next took us to a View Point.

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By this time, we have walked up and down the hill quite a lot. So, we were both tired and hungry. We descended a little further and found a nice hotel. We had lunch there.

After lunch, we came to the Coonoor town. There, our guide took us to Sims Park. It is a beautiful park. It also has a boating facility. We went boating for 30 minutes.


As we had planned, we had to reach Coonoor Railway Station by 4 PM as we had to catch the Toy Train at 4:30 PM. The road near the Railway Station was very crowded. It took nearly 40 minutes to reach the Coonoor Railway Station. Anyway, we were well in time to catch the train. The Toy Train would take us from Coonoor to Ooty.


We enjoyed the ride in the Toy Train. We got down at Ooty Station. Our car was waiting for us there. We got into the car. As it was only about 5:30 PM, we went shopping. Then we returned to the hotel.

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