Ghent in 2000

Krystal invited us to her house on a weekend. She was so kind that she came over to our Hotel on a Sunday and picked us up. She drove us to her house in Dondermunde. There we met her husband Burt and her son Brum.

Krystal, Burt and Srinivas
Krystal, Burt and Srinivas

She served us a wonderful breakfast where she served us 17 types of cheese. We also had 3 brands of Belgian Beer. After breakfast, all of us drove to Ghent. Krystal told us that she and Burt had studied in Ghent and they owned an apartment from their college days.

Ghent2000 1Ghent2000 2Ghent2000 3Ghent2000 4Ghent2000 5Ghent2000 6Ghent2000 7Ghent2000 8Ghent2000 10Ghent2000 11Ghent2000 12Ghent2000 13Ghent2000

We returned to Dondermunde in the evening. Krystal organised Frietas and Beer for the evening. Then Krystal dropped us back to our hotel in Antwerp.


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